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Posing Like A Champion dvd gives you the unique opportunity to learn posing advice from one of the USA's most decorated body builders:  NGA Pro Earl Snyder, an NPC National, NPC USA and multi-time NPC Team Universe champion.  Since 1990 Earl has represented the USA all over the globe in international competitions, which include medaling 3 times at the IFBB World Amateur Championships (Mr. Universe) and placing first in the European Championships.


A  lot of people take posing for granted but after all the months of intense training and dieting for a show, the last thing you want to do is sacrifice your final placing with bad presentation.  In this video, Earl combines all his years of stage experience as well as his knowledge from being a pro and national qualifying judge to instruct you on this extremely important aspect of competitive bodybuilding.  Posing Like a Champion will help you master posing techniques to fully showcase all of your hard work with flawless presentation every time you step on stage.

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